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Euromatic ApS i viborg


Euromatic ApS er forhandler/importør af SP-aggregater – Se også www.spmaskiner.com. Her på siden kan du læse mere om specifikationer og produktbeskrivelser. Har du spørgsmål til modellerne, er du meget velkommen til at henvende dig, så vi kan drøfte dine spørgsmål sammen. Vi ser meget frem til at høre fra dig, så vi sammen kan finde den bedste løsning til netop dig.

LF – Facts and Advantages

LF stands for low friction and represents the basic principle for our development and design work on our harvester heads. LF minimizes the friction between the trunk and the head during the feeding operation and maximizes the performance and production of the harvester head. 

LF also minimizes the wear on the head and the fuel consumption of the basic machine.

SP 461 LF

The SP 461 LF is a very fast, nimble high performance harvester head. It is designed according to SP´s Low Friction principle for minimum friction and maximum productivity. The SP 461 LF is perfectly suited to work on midsize thinning carriers with long reach as well as smaller in stand thinning carriers. 

SP 561 LF

The SP 561 LF is a high-performance all-round harvester head. It is designed according to the LF principle for maximum productivity. The SP 561 LF is specifically designed for varied jobs and offers very good characteristics all the way from first thinning to medium final cut. 

SP 761 LF

The SP 761 LF is a new compact and heavy duty harvester head designed for being able to handle a variety of different demanding harvesting applications. The SP 761 LF reaches top productivity in tree sizes ranging from 25 to 50 cm (10-20”). With a weight of 1680 kg it is a perfect choice for installation on both large wheel based carriers, 20-25 ton excavators as well as mid size to large purpose built tracked harvesters. 

SP 861 LF

The SP 861 LF is a powerful and reliable high performance harvester head. It is designed according to the LF principle for maximum productivity. The SP 861 LF is specifically designed for installation on tracked carriers and demanding harvesting applications. 

LX – Facts and Advantages

LX stands for Logging Xtreme, meaning the xtreme conditions that the LX harvester heads are designed to handle. The xtreme robust and uncompromised LX design ensures highest reliability and productivity also under the toughest conditions. Thanks to unique detailed solutions, the LX design also offers a minimum need for service and maintenance. 

The LX harvester heads are first and foremost known for their xtreme strength, reliability and toughness, but thanks to smart solutions like proportional pressures, the SP patent LogHold and QuickCut, they are also fast, efficient and easy to work with.

SP 591 LX G2

The SP 591 LX is an extremely strong and tough harvester head, designed according to the LX principle for maximum reliability and productivity even under the toughest conditions.´ The uncompromised LX design is to be found all throughout the harvester head, from large components like frame and knives down to pins and seals. In spite of its brute and tough appearance the SP 591 LX does not just offer strength and reliability. 

Vil du høre mere?
Har du spørgsmål til SP-Aggregater?

Vi er altid glade for at kunne hjælpe. Såfremt du har spørgsmål, eller vil vide mere omkring vores produkter, service, reparation eller reservedele, er vi ikke længere væk end en opringning.  Vi se frem til at høre, hvad vi kan hjælpe dig med.